How to Winterizing Your Commercial Property Roof

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If you are ignoring the roof of your commercial property, then you are doing wrong and you might have to face several problems. In actuality when winter arrives, you risk having serious problems from moisture and high winds. Make sure your commercial property is prepared well before everyone focuses on their demanding jobs over the holidays because winter is rapidly approaching. Look for a professional and one of the best roofing companies in Mississauga to get an efficient winterizing for your commercial property. However commercial roofs are susceptible to ice dams, roof leaks, ice sheaves, and even collapse during the winter. The experts at T DOT Roofers, are specialized in roofing maintenance and they will outline the steps necessary to improve the condition of your roof before winter. Let’s have a look at some of the most effective as well as necessary steps to winterize your commercial property roof. 

Steps to Winterizing Your commercial property Roof 

Here are a few easy steps by which you can prevent that from happening. 

Repairs and Maintenance 

Preparation is necessary to prevent ice dams. This involves clearing any snow from your roof and checking the pitch of the commercial building’s roof to assist in reducing the likelihood of melting snow accumulating on your roof.

Keep a check on flashing. 

Certain roof elements, such as skylights, chimneys, dormer windows, vents, and HVAC units, are safeguarded by flashing. Verify that the flashing is installed and operating correctly. Replace any flashing that is harmed, slack, or missing.

Protective Sealant Application 

A commercial roof needs to periodically have new sealants to prevent leaks that could harm your company’s underlying insulation, waterproof layers, wood, and drywall. To apply the tar or other sealant that will prevent moisture from entering the interior of your commercial building, professionals should work on the rooftop during a warmer and dryer day. Be sure to seek this roofing service in late fall.


Property owners are fully aware of the background of their roofs. However, it would help if you merely kept in mind the times of its installation and replacement because your roofing specialist will probably ask you about the most recent time you changed or reinstalled your roof. Any roof used for longer than ten years is more prone to sustain damage. Therefore, roofers will advise getting routine maintenance and repairs done before winter.

Drainage system installation 

Removing precipitation and snow melt from larger business roofs requires moisture drainage systems. Without drainage systems, water will pool on the rooftop, causing certain portions to deteriorate due to moisture. The birds, bats, and insects hunting for moisture will be drawn to the standing water. These animals can harm rooftops much more.

Roof Environment Evaluation

UV radiation is the most frequent environmental condition that causes roofing materials to decay. Rain or snow won’t stop the light from penetrating and aging the products by causing the compounds in them to break down. Over time, weather, harsh circumstances, and other environmental elements may negatively impact the roof’s performance. The environment can significantly impact the longevity of a roof.

Repair and clean Gutters 

Examining gutters for weak points and damage is another crucial component. Any damaged gutters or downspouts should be fixed right away. Gutter blockages prevent proper drainage. This may result in backups, allowing water to enter a building’s interior and cause severe damage. Ice dams can seriously harm your roof and gutters if your gutters aren’t clean.

Final Words 

Keep in mind that the better job you do to protect your roof and perform regular maintenance, the longer lifespan your commercial roof will have. Another viable option to prolong the life of your roof is to apply a roof coating. But the most important things for you is to find the best and trust worthy roofing company in London