How to Protect Your Commercial Roof from Storms

Residential metal roof

For most homeowners, the roof is the one thing they can control. If you build your home on a hill, it will be rain or snow, frozen or thawed out, here forever. But for commercial property owners, that’s not always the case. The roof is a major investment that often needs to look its best. It should also stand up to a lot of stress and weather without failing completely. You can hire the best Orillia roofing companies for the best results. Here are some tips for keeping your commercial roof safe from storms and leaks:

Don’t Over-Steel Your Roof

Over-stressing your roof is like pressing on nails to hold your roof together. The roof will be weaker and more likely to fail in a heavy storm. This can lead to leaks and problems with water infiltration into the structure. You don’t want that happening during a severe storm when you’re already struggling to hold your own against the elements. Avoid over-stressing your roof with additional roofing Material such as sturdier underlayment and shingles, or add more insulations per recommendation by roofers Etobicoke. 

Make Sure It’s Packed with Insulation

It’s important to make sure your roof is properly insulated. Improper insulation can lead to money lost in winter and summer due to hot water and chilly bills in the winter. And, it can lead to energy waste in summer since the insulation isn’t producing enough warmth to keep the roof at proper temperature. Insulation is a large part of keeping your roof safe from the elements. Insulate every gap and open space on your roof. This will help reduce the amount of cold air coming in from the outdoors and increase the amount of warm air being drawn in from the spaces above and below your roof. A properly insulated roof will reduce the amount of heat lost to the outside environment by up to 30%. This can reduce your energy costs by as much as 15% during the winter months, and another 5% during the hot weather months.

Make Sinkholes A Thing Of The past

Sinkholes are holes that develop in the ground after heavy rains. They typically appear as grooves, troughs or sinkholes in the soil. They form because of water infiltration into the subsoil and rocks beneath the surface. These holes often develop within asphalt or concrete surfaces. To prevent this, once a soggy area has soaked in water, you must dig it out and seal the area with concrete. Another tip is to make sure you are using watertight doors and windows. If not, water can seep into your building and damage your equipment and assets.

Use A Shower Or Bathhouse In Your Storm Shelter

If you own a business with multiple buildings or if you have properties on different land use authorities, you’ll need to put together a storm shelter system. You can purchase a ready-made bathhouse or shower house and save yourself some cash. However, you should think about building your own to save money in the long run. A bathhouse can look great on paper, but if you expect to use it once every few months, it will not do much for your commercial roof. On the other hand, a good shower or bathhouse can withstand much greater forces and provide a tornado or water-resistance rating. If you’re unsure where to start, a bathhouse is usually easier to fit out than a shower house because there’s less room for customisation.


The roof is a large and complex structure. It’s essential to understand the types of weather that will be encountered on your commercial roof and take reasonable precautions to protect it. The best roofs will stand up to the harshest weather without fail while still looking their best at all times. The more prepared you are, the less damage repairs will cost and the longer your roof will last. As with any construction project, getting involved in building your roof is essential. You can get advice from local roofers, or hire a professional to help with the installation. Once completed, your commercial roof will be safe from the elements and able to continue providing the services you need. You can also get suggestions from the best Barrier roofing contractors.