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Our professionals use advanced roofing systems to deliver high-quality commercial roofing services. Our firm has factory-trained its nationwide network of specialists who installs the finest solutions and provide competent commercial roof repair services. We work hard to save you money and time by providing exceptional customer service that you will notice and enjoy when you contact us!

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Our highly skilled professional knows how important a solid, leak-free roof is for a business facility and its contents. Because even minor commercial roofing issues may become quite costly if left unattended for an extended time, it’s essential to hire an experienced professional to identify and handle any roof issues before they become pricey repairs.

Roof Restoration- Our highly demanded services

Roof replacement is a complex and expensive commitment that business owners who have had their roofs replaced can attest to. Here’s an alternative: considerable material and service-related cost reductions combined with a much shorter completion time for top-notch roofing protection.

Our high-quality, low-cost commercial roofing services

T Dot Roofer’s services include the following:

Installation of roofing systems: EPDM rubber roofing, PVC and TPO vinyl roofing, flat roofing, metal roofing, and more are among the services we provide. Whether your project is motivated by energy efficiency, curb appeal, longevity, or another aspect, we provide the supplies and installation services to deliver outstanding results.

Roof replacement: If your business roof’s structural integrity is threatened by leaks, punctures, or other damage, T DOT Roofers can help. We’re also accessible 24/7 for emergency roof repairs since your safety is important to us.

HVAC infiltration: We can assist you with pipe, drain, or HVAC installation on your commercial roof. Anything that enters your roof might cause leaks and water damage to your business. Still, our highly educated commercial roofing professionals guarantee that every component is correctly fitted for long-term durability.

Roof inspections and maintenance plans: A roof is an investment, and T DOT Roofers can protect it with regular roof inspections and maintenance. As a licensed roofing contractor, we can come to your company regularly to inspect your roof and address minor concerns before they become more serious. Routine inspections and maintenance may help you extend the life of your roof, save money on future repairs, and budget for short- and long-term capital expenditures.

Restoration: Significant Life Savings

By reflecting 85 percent of the sun’s solar rays off the roof, Conklin roof coatings have been shown to pay for themselves over time in energy savings alone. The moment the roofing system is installed, cooling expenses drop dramatically. The new white “cool roof” keeps energy bills low, and energy savings add up rapidly nowadays!

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We’ve pleased more happy clients than we can count, starting with the free consultation and continuing the process with continual communication. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing a positive experience for our consumers, from cleaning up the mess after each day of work to leveraging our talents and knowledge to create an efficient, beneficial product.

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